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Social connection

is a biological need.

But our ability to fulfil this need does not always come naturally.

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We want our children to develop their

social skills, not their survival skills.

Drop some copy in here about why you created this offering and which problems you will solve or how you will improve the lives of your clients

Here’s what you’ll get…

  •  Access to a private Facebook group with all of the content

  • 10 sessions, covering:

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Behaviour Regulation

  • Empathy Development

  • Taking Turns & Sharing

  • Engaging in Play

  • What is a "Good Sport"?

  • Negotiating & Compromising

  • Making Conversation

  • Problem Solving

  • Putting it all Together

  • The opportunity to ask me any questions in the group

This is for you if…

  • You want to know how to teach your child social skills in an open and honest way

  • You're keen to change the thinking from anti-bullying to pro-empathy

  • You work with children and are dedicated to upskilling your social & emotional development toolkit

$122 AUD

One-off payment for ongoing access!

This program was recorded in September/October 2020.

Jump in now and go through the content at your own pace, plus have access to all future live rounds!

Are you in?

Once you’ve grabbed your spot, head on over and join the Facebook group


See you there!

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