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Sammy Anne

Mapping the Maze

Clearing the Path Ahead


I am a passionate

protector of childhood

Map the Maze.jpg

I have always been determined to make a difference.

Growing up, there were 2 things I was certain of: that my career had to be something that made a real difference in people's lives; and that I wanted to be a mother.

Even as a child myself I enjoyed the company of younger children, delighting in their way of viewing the world and the stories they would tell. I was fascinated with how they learned and developed.

I had babysitting gigs as a teen, then moved to tutoring and out of school hours care alongside retail work, whilst studying at university.

I started with a degree in Early Childhood Education and spent several years in daycare centres, kindergartens and relief teaching in primary schools. 

After leaving a teaching position that was not a good fit, I took on a 2-day reception gig at a child psychology practice.

2 days turned into 6 years - and involved me becoming the Practice Manager; working with psychologists to create social skills and school readiness group programs for children with autism; and completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

After experiencing a miscarriage in 2014, I became pregnant again and had my first child in 2016. 

The struggles I faced as a new mum drove me to begin a deeper personal development journey, which has ultimately led me here.

Now, I am bringing my experiences as a teacher, a student, a manager and a mother to my work in the world: supporting families to navigate the mazes they face on their parenting journey.

“Map the Maze” was born, because I want to help you map out your direction; work out which ways are the best ways for you and your child, to find your way out of the overwhelm and back to a place of hope and love.

As your Parent Guide, I provide tips and tricks to navigate our current systems, whilst strengthening your family connection. I combine empowered parenting with effective tools and strategies that help children grow and thrive, with or without a label.
I am a passionate protector of childhood. I stand for the rights of each individual to be treated with kindness and compassion; and to be celebrated for their uniqueness.
If my soul is speaking to yours, please reach out – I’d be honoured to support you on your journey!
Are you ready to discover how best to
go about helping your child?
Business and PR enquiries welcome

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Map the Maze.jpg
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