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Sammy Anne

Map the Maze
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Parenting Consultant specialising in behaviour, development and neurodivergence. Your source of information, inspiration and wholehearted support.

I guide you through the parenting maze, bringing the joy back into the every day.

With my background in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, I have a passion for supporting families through big decisions.

There are 3 mazes I am particularly driven to help you navigate: the autism world; the home schooling world; and the social/emotional development of your children.

Hi! I'm

Sammy Anne




Amy Lyall

Mentor, Guide and

Mum of 2

"I worked with Sammy to come up with a learning plan and to feel supported throughout the process of applying for home schooling.


Sammy has so much knowledge in these areas and super helpful ideas that make it so simple.

Most of all Sammy gave me the confidence and reassurance that I needed most to make the final transition. Even though I knew it myself deep down, having a supportive cheerleader made the world of difference.

We are LOVING learning through PLAY currently and thanking Sammy so much for her work in the world."

Livvi de Sousa-Ferres

Singer, Songwriter and Mum of 2

“Sammy Anne has been wonderful to our family, helping us support our son to settle into school and then going on to help us navigate the remote learning challenges of 2020.

I love Sammy for her empathy and practical advice. She sees and encourages fostering children’s strengths while helping them overcome any challenges.


Her teaching and psychology background give her such a holistic approach. That’s why I often recommend Sammy Anne to friends (and random mums on Facebook!).”

Bree Amber

Mental Health Advocate and Mum of 3

“Sammy helped me so much,

I felt completely overwhelmed with remote learning. I was in tears and so were my girls.


Her strategies to incorporate what they loved with learning was genius! We finished the term off with a happy mummy and happy girls.


Thank you so much for your guidance Sammy, forever grateful.”

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